Properties And Advantages

.Long lifetime

.Constant jet quality

.High-power and focused water jet

.Needle jet with high energy density

.Easy to install and disassemble


.Construction industry

.Concrete demolition


.Mechanical and apparatus engineering

.urface treatment

.Offshore deployment


.Paint removal

.Industrial cleaning



The highest precision for even, focused spraying power –

      EHS flat spray nozzles up to 2500 bar

.Compact and robust designs

.Long intake cone for an extraordinary spray depth

.Extremely high spray intensity with the greatest possible impact force

.Controlled, fan-shaped spray with even distribution

.Simple maintenance, installation and de-installation

.Low-wear operation ensures a long service life

EHS flat spray nozzles – strong and even

These nozzles are characterised by a sharp and even flat spray with extraordinary spray depth. The uniform distribution of force allows for impressive cleaning performance and ensures spotless surfaces. Ideal for tasks involving treating large specific surfaces. The flat spray nozzles are manufactured with scatter cones of 5° to 60°, though customised variants are possible.

These high-pressure nozzles are compact and extremely stable by design. With a working pressure of up to 2500 bar, even large surfaces can be treated quickly and safely. The continuous internal geometry ensures a high level of efficiency and therefore a very efficient liquid spray. In order to withstand the high working pressure, the flat spray nozzles are manufactured primarily using hardened high-grade steel.  

EHS flat spray nozzles are sure to impress with their long service lives and low maintenance requirements. A wide range of designs offer solutions for a variety of application areas. They are available as plug-in or screw-in nozzles or with nozzle exit units. Depending on the model variant, the bores produced are between 0.2 and 6.0 mm. Personalised bore hole diameters upon request.

Materials: High-grade steel, hardened. Other materials upon request.

High-performance flat spray nozzles

These are constructed as screw-in nozzles with a metric thread. Depending on the design, they are available with standard thread sizes and can be integrated directly into a metric ISO thread or ISO fine-thread connector.

        CHARACTERISTICS                                   FS-G 181
        Operatin Pressure(Bar)                        Max.400
        Bore Size(mm)                                         φ0.5~φ3.0                                 Spary Aangle:  10°~120°
        Material                                                   High- grade steel, Hardened
        Size (mm)                                                1/8NPT    Length: 22.0    SW13



*Check the proper L/MIN to send a direct request.


When manually operating high pressure guns and lances the repulsive force on the axis should not exceed 250N! If the repulisive force exceeds 150N,a supprot/body armour is required!

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