If you know a potential manufacturer, but they are only focusing on manufacturing, no person in charge of overseas market, without awareness of import and export requirement, no awareness of technical limitation in different countries. It is so hard and frustrated to persuade them to follow your indication. It is so annoying when you finally receive the products but find power source is incorrect. 

If you want to search a more competitive supplier for certain products, but only have limit information at hand. It is hard to filter from sea of internet data. It is troublesome and time consuming to search and select the right one among several candidates.  

AOKPI provides industrial sourcing service, which includes product sourcing, factory verification, price negotiation, order processing, production monitoring, communication, quality control, lab testing, order follow-up, shipping management. We help you find the right products, private label your products, apply certificates applicable for your countries. We handle everything for you and make your procurement simple, safe and easy.

AOKPI is experienced in industrial international trade, good at communication with Chinese manufacturers and overseas clients. Based on the profession and reliability, customers ask us to source other products they want. This was the initiative of this sourcing service how appears. We found industrial products are quite professional, and keen on details, mandatory certificate requirement, export limitation, more complicate than daily consumer goods. It does not just fulfill indication of buyers and sellers, but also needs to follow regulations of both countries, qualification of such products based on its HS code. Therefore, we would like to share our experience which accumulated based on handling kinds of industrial goods, and make it as an independent business sector. Our service helps you save time, money and reduce unexpected incidents. We maximize our advantages and gain a commission. It is a win-win business model. Glad to be your partner.


Why use sourcing service?

    Save time and money

    We handle all work for you

    Get better price and lower MOQ.

    Sourcing agent on call 7*24 hours. Consolidate all communication with one person.

    Reliable and professional service

    Full transparency: you’re in control of all our actions

    Full transparency: No hidden charges, no kickbacks

    Never disclose your designs and your products. 


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