Oil storage tank cleaning programme

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Our cleaning service not only ensures that the interior of the oil storage tank is clean and fully meets the replacement oil standard, but also saves our customers a lot of money in terms of cost. From the safety point of view, we achieve impeccable performance, all explosion-proof equipment, anti-riot tools, operators must be equipped with professional protective gear, the whole process of operation to maintain forced ventilation of the tank and real-time monitoring of the gas inside the tank. We have provided cleaning services for PetroChina and Sinopec petrol stations and oil depots, which have been highly praised by our customers. We also undertake bulk oil drum cleaning, pipeline cleaning and pickling and passivation business.

1 Corrosion inside and outside the storage tank
Regardless of the above-ground and underground oil storage tanks, the traditional anti-corrosion technology has lagged far behind the same level abroad. Our company has adopted advanced anti-corrosion technology to protect the metal body of the tank, increase the maintenance cycle of the tank and extend the service life of the tank, while also ensuring the purity and cleanliness of the oil quality, which is particularly important for gasoline tanks. It is worth noting that developed countries have 100% of oil storage tanks using special anti-corrosion materials for tank wall anti-corrosion treatment, not only to protect the metal wall of the tank from media erosion, and because there is no metal rust generation, to ensure the quality of oil products. We are happy to provide you with a variety of media storage tank anti-corrosion technology and services.

2 Professional tank testing

As a result of the past tank manufacturing, installation technology levels are uneven, in use storage tanks have been found to have a lot of serious internal corrosion, serious deformation of the tank floor, tank foundation sinking and other phenomena. In addition, there is no periodic comprehensive tank inspection, there is no accurate grasp of the safety conditions of the existing tanks, and once this safety hazard occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. Our company cooperates with an authoritative nondestructive inspection agency in Beijing of Sinopec all year round to provide nondestructive inspection of storage tanks for our customers. According to the customer's requirements, a full-time inspection technician will visit the storage tank, develop a targeted inspection plan for each tank, and implement it, and provide you with an authoritative inspection report. Make sure you precisely control the actual use of each tank.

3 High-pressure water jet cleaning service

High-pressure water jet cleaning technology is the use of equipment pressurised by the booster system of water from the nozzle to form a very high impact and exploitation capacity of high-speed water jets, the internal and external walls of the scale, metal oxides and other adhesions to remove, good cleaning quality, no pollution. Equipped with special nozzles, the water can be made to produce multiple beams, multiple angles and high pressure water jets of varying strengths to thoroughly cut, crush, squeeze and scour the scaling and adhesions and blockages in the equipment being cleaned to achieve the purpose of complete cleaning. According to the nature and characteristics of the equipment wall scaling, with the corresponding industrial cleaning agent, can make high-pressure cleaning effect better.

Nowadays, with the perfect supply and demand fuel system, the emerging fuel market competition is fierce, and the ensuing problems of industrial equipment tanks need our attention. Scientific proof, all the storage tanks of the gas station after a period of use, due to the change of hot and cold temperature difference, condensate flowing into the bottom of the tank, accelerate the emulsification of fuel, tank wall corrosion, black sludge will gradually increase, affecting the quality of oil. This not only makes the quality of oil decline, but also affects the reputation of enterprises and economic benefits, there are also many undesirable hidden dangers of oil storage tanks, causing undue losses to vehicles, so storage tanks must be cleaned regularly and well.

The company insists on the tenet of "integrity-based, service-oriented" and treats every customer and every job with the standard of "quality first and best service". After we have cleaned the gas station, customers reflect that the oil quality is more pure, the fuel machine failure caused by the oil quality has been reduced, while the gas station also greatly increased the economic benefits, attracting more new customers!

1. General principles.

In order to ensure the safety and quality of construction of tank cleaning works at gas stations and to prevent accidents, this specification has been developed. This specification applies to automobile refueling (gas) stations, automobile transportation with light fuel and liquefied petroleum gas containers (tanks) of engineering construction. Tank cleaning project construction office should comply with this specification, should also comply with the relevant national standards and specifications.

2. the general provisions.

1) The construction personnel must have the construction skills of the position, and have passed the safety knowledge training and assessment, and can only work after passing the test.

2) The construction personnel must understand or master the construction process may exist and produce dangerous and harmful factors, and can take precautions according to its harmfulness.

3) The various tools used in the construction process should meet the requirements of explosion-proof construction sites

4) All kinds of equipment and facilities used in the construction process should have the corresponding explosion-proof performance and be equipped with electrostatic grounding devices

5) All kinds of equipment and facilities used in the construction process should be placed in a safe position away from the storage tank.

6) The construction site is strictly forbidden to smoke and fire.

7) The construction personnel should wear anti-static work clothes, shoes, hats, gloves, etc.

8) The construction personnel are strictly forbidden to carry mobile phones, cigarettes, matches, lighters and metal objects (such as keys, coins, etc.) into the site.

9) non-construction personnel are strictly prohibited to enter the construction site, if special circumstances must enter, should stop construction.

10) The construction site should be equipped with a full-time safety supervisor and quality inspector.

3. the preparation before construction

1) in order to ensure smooth construction, the construction site should be surveyed in detail before construction, divide the construction materials, construction equipment and tools to place the site. Understand whether there is sufficient water and safe and reliable power supply, whether there are necessary fire fighting facilities.

2) before construction, all kinds of construction equipment should be debugged at sites other than the construction site to reach the state of use.

3)The unit to be transformed should stop business 24h before construction, and empty the medium in the storage tank.

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