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01 Surface cleaning, removal
High-pressure removal of coatings is a flexible process for road cleaning, removal of rubber and coatings on roads, runways and landing strips from landmarks, signposts, small advertisements, etc. It is suitable for protective surface removal operations on a variety of different substrates.

02 Marker line removal
The high-pressure water jet line cleaner hits the pores of the asphalt and is suitable for all substrates with its pressure control system. The patented vacuum recovery device allows the paint mixture to be recovered instantly, eliminating the need for secondary cleaning and fully meeting municipal environmental requirements. It is very effective in cleaning asphalt, concrete, road markings, tar, graffiti, etc.


03 Pipeline dredging and desilting
It can effectively clear the pipe of household waste, water/silt, sand, bricks, roots, oil and other pollutants and blockages attached to the pipe wall. Pushed by high-pressure water, the nozzle nozzle hole is designed with multi-angle all-round to achieve the effect of high-pressure water full coverage to flush the pipe wall, another for some hard objects blocked with the replacement of the body with impact nozzle nozzle angle nozzle aperture to achieve the effect of crushing, recycling hose at the same time will be brought back to the residue to the recycling well, and then the suction truck will suck out the residue.


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